Parenting Techniques Game

Draft I

The “Parenting Techniques” game will revolve around a number of situations, specifically ten, that parents are liable to go through. It would give parents a certain number of choices that they can only choose one from. Each choice that parents take affects their son/daughter a certain way. After each question is answered, the consequence of that choice, whether it’s a good one or a bad one, is shown on the next page.

The aim of this game is to provide some sort of simulation for the players to try experiencing being a parent for a few minutes and take decisions regarding their children’s lives. This would benefit the players by having them look at situations from a bigger picture and learn the consequences of each choice on the child.

The game could be played as many times as the player wants. Players can try different answers each time so that they get knowledge about the consequence of each choice.

The game could be accessed through the link below.

One thought on “Parenting Techniques Game

  1. thanks for this game, Salma. Technically, all the links seem to be working properly. I feel a little bit like the “right” choice is relatively obvious in the game, so I’m not sure if I learned anything while playing it, but I like the diversity of scenarios. Here are some ways to improve the game:

    1. The scenarios seem not to be in a logical order. Maybe start with being in school, then drug addiction, then graduating college and meeting someone inappropriate, etc., you know? Also, you may want to clarify the parent has multiple kids (less likely that the gay person also made someone pregnant, for example, less likely that a male is also sexually assaulted – so maybe the parent has a male and a female child going through different things).
    2. The brown-ish color of the text on white background is not great (check WebAIM color contrast checker), even though I know it is a Google slides template that makes it that way.
    3. If you want players to play the game again, maybe have the last slide have a link to “Start over”


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